Brady Ward - - - hand built 1:8 scale model cars - Ferrari F40, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari hydroplane, highly modified Pocher models
fine 1:8 scale models
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  my work
  You might compare building a model to constructing a real car, and value the end result similarly. Some are put together using all the pieces, and considered a victory because it looks like a car. Some are built with more effort and care, and are nicely finished, but close examination reveals fit and finish flaws and missing detail; a discerning eye can see much more could have been done.

  I build every model as if it were not only a real classic car, but a work of art. I paint it like it will be entered in a real Concours d'Elegance. It is possible with a model of this size to eventually replicate every part and detail of the full size car. A reasonable limit on time and money, and the law of diminishing returns make this impractical, but I do build into every model details that will never be seen unless it is disassembled. I am not happy with a model until I've spent many days on details and finishing that I'm sure most of my customers will never notice. And I use no "assembly line" methods - each one is completed as an individual work, with great care and attention to detail and finish.

the models
  All but a few of my models are built in 1:8 scale, so the average length is two feet long. The classic cars are built from the frame up, just as the real cars were. The engine and driveline are added, then suspension, brakes, dash and interior, bodywork, and exterior hardware and detailing. I apply ten to twelve coats of primer and paint to the bodywork, half of which is removed in days of polishing and finishing. Brake linkages operate through the pedal (and handbrake in some cars). Steering wheels operate through accurate linkages, and suspensions work all around. Windows roll down, doors, hoods and trunks open, convertible tops can be raised and lowered. I upholster every interior in real leather, and some seats are sprung as well as padded. Dash panels are either real hardwood or aluminum, and the headlights light.

 Each classic car also has movable engine internals: remove the head or oilpan, handcrank the engine, and watch the action of the crankshaft, pistons, and fan. The Bugattis have dual camshafts that even actuate the valves in proper sequence. Most cars (Bugattis excepted) have real wire wheels that are assembled one spoke at a time, with over 120 pieces per wheel. There is even more to see than I've described here.

 The 1:8 Ferraris are metal-bodied, and available in varying levels of detail. They all have functional steering and suspensions, all body panels open, and the engines are finely detailed (though without the moving internals of the classic cars). These cars are also painted, polished and waxed like the Classics.

the builder
 I never planned to build model cars for a living. After some training in art and design, I spent my spare time working on my own full size cars (decidedly non-classics), having more and more fun with the mechanical troubleshooting and rebuilding. At the same time, classic cars began to look more like art than old vehicles to me. Not having access to a full-size classic to lay my hands on, I built my first 1:8 scale model. Eventually my customers convinced me they wanted more models than I could produce on nights and weekends and pushed me into business full-time. Since then, almost every customer but one has ordered additional models after receiving their first. One has eleven, another sixteen and counting.

  So I am fortunate to make a living doing what most of my friends regard as "playing with toy cars". It is very fulfilling, using my hands to create cars that are both mechanically and aesthetically beautiful. There are drawbacks: I have many unproductive days, banging my head against a mechanical problem, or struggling to get into the frame of mind to polish paint for 10 hours. Because of this (and a constant backlog of orders) I cannot promise specific delivery dates. I will give my best guess when an order is placed, and will not require a deposit until I have actually started a model (or sometimes when a rare kit must be purchased). I will put my heart into every model, and won't deliver it until I know it is right.

     Brady Ward

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